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Current Fellowship Opportunities

Below is a partial list of placement opportunities that are available to Oregon and Hatfield Resident Fellows for the upcoming cohort (Oregon Fellows Summer 2014 & Hatfield Resident Fellows 2014-2015). Review the options for your program of interest.  If you are interested in being considered for a specific placement, please indicate your interest on the application.

The sooner you express your interest, the sooner your application information will be shared with that sponsor organization.

When applying to either the Oregon Fellows or Hatfield Resident Fellows program, you will not be applying to a particular placement. Rather, you will be applying to be a member of the upcoming cohort of competitively selected Fellows who will be eligible for consideration for placement with public sector and non-profit sponsor organizations in Oregon.  However, new this year we are posting the placement opportunities that have been identified during your application period and we will take your interest in a specified placement/placements under consideration.  As always, you have final say in accepting your placement once an offer has been made.

Oregon Fellow Placement Opportunities

Hatfield Resident Fellow Placement Opportunities