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Toward the close of their program of study, students complete a capstone project that addresses a contemporary leadership, management, or policy challenge confronting a public or non-profit organization. All students are registered for six hours of course credit. The project requirement provides participants with considerable latitude in the selection of topics. The program actively encourages participants to select problems of immediate relevance to their own professional practice or communities of interest.

Focusing on specific and personal leadership challenges affords participants the opportunity to hone their technical and analytical skills. The reflective practice component encourages participants to draw upon the experiences and information gained across the entire curriculum to craft novel yet practical solutions to these problems that add value to their organizations, communities, and the profession as a whole. Students will be required to present a case problem they developed as the basis of an exercise in administrative problem solving and coaching for their fellow students.


Past Capstone Projects

2012 Cohort

Lisa Cameli
  Powerpoint icon Columbia River Gorge Commission - Organizational Capacity 
Kevin Campbell
  Powerpoint icon Bridging the Gap: An Examination of PA Theory in the EMPA
Elizabeth Carroll     Powerpoint icon Innovating for Equity with Immigrant and Refugee Communities:A Framework for Linking Evidence, Culture and Community-Based Research
Andrea Fogue
  Powerpoint icon

Exploring Public Value Network Governance: A Case Study on the Vietnam-Oregon Initiative

Christopher Frost
  Powerpoint icon

Electrons and Networks: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Governance Networks for Smart Grid Implementation 

Marisha Johnson
  Powerpoint icon Development of a Comprehensive Databook to Assess Oregon's Publicly-Funded Mental Health System 
Susan Luce
  Powerpoint icon Governmental Finance Information for Public Officials and Leaders 
Michaelyn Seals Acrobat icon  

Succession Planning For Public Sector PERS Employees in the State of Oregon 

Angie Timmins     Powerpoint icon  Service Excellence: Identifying Service Characteristics During Talent Acquisition

2011 Cohort

Bijal Barot
  Powerpoint icon Maternity Leave Policies, Labor Markets and Motherhood: A Comparative Analysis between the United States, Canada and Britain
Carol Bryck Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon Implementation of the Joint Operations Program: Overcoming Political Challenges to Rational Management of Water Resources in the Clackamas River Basin
Bridget Byfield Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon Leading Collaboration in a Community to Address the Shelter Needs of At-risk Youth in Lane County
Ted Ebora
  Powerpoint icon
Dale Elder

Powerpoint icon
Trevor Evers Acrobat icon

Powerpoint icon

Washougal Effective Utility
Management Assessment

Jean Fike Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon Watershed Assessments in Oregon; Where We Are, How We Got Here and How We Can Do Better
Crista Gardner Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon  
Kristen Miles Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon To Serve All Students: The Case for Race Equity Professional Development for Public School District Central Office Staff
Angela Mitchell Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon A Strengths Based Leadership Approach to Building Patient-Centered Medical Home Teams
Alisha Morton Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children: A Hidden Epidemic
Kevin Perkins Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon Searching for Equity: Redefining the Federal Forest Payment System 
Matt Smith
  Powerpoint icon  
Holly Thompson Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon An Assessment of the City of Beaverton's Readiness for Cultural Inclusion Initiatives 
Shannon Wilson Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon Increasing the Resiliency of Community Development Corporations in the Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Area: A Path Forward 

2010 Cohort


Wendi Babst

    Powerpoint icon
Lieutenant, Clackamas County Sheriff's Office

Rachael Banks

Acrobat icon
  Powerpoint icon

Program Director, Multnomah County Health Department

 Jeannine Beatrice

Acrobat icon
  Powerpoint icon

System Project Manager, Addiction & Mental Health, Oregon Health Authority 

 David Gassaway

   Powerpoint icon  

Regional Planner/Emergency Management Coordinator, Washington County 

 Chris Geiger

   Powerpoint icon  

 Captain/Paramedic, Clackamas County Fire District #1

 Rocky Houston

 Acrobat icon    Powerpoint icon  

State Trails Coordinator, Oreogn Parks and Recreation Department 

 Meta Loftsgaarden

 Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon  

Deputy Director, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board 

Kim Adamson     Powerpoint icon   General Manager,Beacon Hill Water & Sewer District
Jeff Rasmussen

Acrobat icon

  Powerpoint icon   Jefferson County, County Administrative Officer
Elizabeth Woody

Acrobat icon

      Program Officer, Meyer Memorial Trust
Stephen McMurtrey  Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon   Affordable Housing Developer, Northwest Housing Alternatives

2009 Cohort

Author Capstone Document Abstract PPT Presentation capstone video Title

Will Bauscher

Powerpoint icon
An Analysis of Social Media Policy Development within Oregon's Fire Service COmmunity
Meg Byrtek

Leverage Points for Sustainability" A Case Study in Organizational Performance
Chris Gibson
Acrobat icon

Using SERVQUAL to Assess the Customer Satisfaction Level of the Oregon HIDTA ISC Analytical Unit
Kathy Glanville

Powerpoint icon
The Role of Technology in Building Leadership Capacity for Public Service
Colleen Miller

The EMployers Transition: Responsibility and Understanding
Teresa Bennett  Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon   Trial Court Administrator, OR Judicial Dept/15th Judicial District - Coos and Curry Circuit Courts
Debbie Ellis  Acrobat icon   Powerpoint icon   Project Director, Education Northwest