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About the Program

The Executive Seminar Program is a professional education program for midcareer natural resource professionals in public, private, tribal, and non-profit organizations. The program centers on using live case studies of controversial natural resource issues as a focal point for advanced leadership development and enhanced understanding of governance principles.

What is unique about this seminar?

The Executive Seminar Program is unique among leadership training programs in its application of public administration theory to natural resource policy issues.  For nearly 30 years the seminar program has developed leadership skills that enhance the performance of executives in their own organizations.  The program develops leaders in complex decision-making in a pluralistic society.  Participants will understand the need to evaluate social values as well as economic ones in natural resource public policy development.  They appreciate the whole context of this complex political system that needs to be understood and managed in the process of decision-making.

Download the complete list of case studies since 2000

Board of Advisors

An ESP Advisory Board comprised of senior natural resource leaders contributes to case selection and teaching objectives. The Advisory Board includes representatives from many of the local, state and federal agencies listed above.

How does it work?

Each seminar reconstructs the natural resource policy controversy by visiting the site of the issue, reviewing background materials, and meeting with the decisive players in the conflict. Past presenters have included members of Congress, governors, state legislators, tribal leaders, agency heads, lobbyists, coalition leaders, and journalists.

A total of four seminars are held during the program year. Three seminars of approximately one week each will be held on site to reconstruct cases. A fourth two-day session in the Portland area will conclude the program with a review of leadership principles, techniques for policy resolution, and a summarization of insights gained by the participants. PSU faculty provide oversight and emphasize sound administration practices as well as ways to improve policy outcomes.

The seminar program develops leadership skills that  enhance the performance of managers in their own organizations and prepares leaders for the complex decision making process inherent in a pluralistic society. Participants will understand the need to evaluate social, economic and political values in natural resource policy development.