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Counselor Education Admission

Applicants are only admitted for fall term once per year, except for School Counseling (Licensure only), which has a summer start. After an initial screening, qualified applicants will be invited to an interview with program faculty. Incomplete applications will not be considered for an interview. It is critical that you fully complete and submit your application by the application deadline in order to be considered.

Applications must be submitted by February 1 each year to the Graduate School of Education.

Application process

Applications are now open!  We’ve simplified our process - by submitting a single application in our new College Net application system you will be considered for admission by your program as well as at Portland State University. This new web based application system will allow you to input your personal information, upload materials, and track your application status from any online location.  See application requirements below for more information.

Please note:

  1. You will find instructions for submitting your references and transcripts to the program in the application.
  2. You are REQUIRED to submit two (2) official transcripts by mail: one to the Counselor Education Department, and one to the University (when applying to the University as outlined in Step 2). The Counselor Education Department can only accept paper (not electronic) transcripts.
  3. Professional references are REQUIRED to submit a recommendation form (not just a letter of recommendation), by mail to the Counselor Education Department by the February 1 deadline. Recommendation forms can be found in the online program application.

Application deadline: February 1 each year

Please note: standardized test scores (GRE or MAT) are NOT required for admission.

School Counseling applicants only:

In addition to the application for admission to the Department of Counselor Education, School Counseling applicants must also submit the following:

  • Track I (applicants with a current teaching license): students must document two years experience as a licensed school teacher (verify by including official documentation of work on site letterhead)
  • Track II (applicants without a current teaching license): Document work (paid or unpaid) with youth in an educational setting (verify by including official documentation of work on site letterhead)

Registration basics

There is a lot to know about registering for classes at PSU and it pays to be prepared. Those wanting to know if they can just sign up for a class should visit the Who May Register page to find out if they're eligible and if not, how to become eligible. The "Who May Register" link also leads users to information about specific populations of students (from international students to senior citizens) and how registration impacts them.

Prior to the start of each term, students begin registering for classes according to a set of rules pertaining to class standing. Find out more by following the When to Register link.

Once the who and when are established, students want to know how. The How to Register link takes users to step-by-step instructions for registering online and lays out basic information about common registration processes like auditing, clearing registration holds, and choosing grading options, just to name a few.

Students browse course offerings any time of day or night by selecting the Class Schedule link. Of course, class listings are available within the registration system, but this site doesn't require students to log in and it's available 24/7.

Finally, registering for classes is done via the Online Registration link.

Those interested in registering for Continuing Education classes are encouraged to visit the CEED website for more information.