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Project Support Team

Project Support Team is a highly motivated team dedicated to assisting project staff in both administrative and technical tasks.  They maintain the website, archives and record drawings. 


Michael Brillig
Project Support Supervisor
USB 302

Michael oversees project support team. His amazing team of elite specialists oversee vast resources including CPC websites, databases, permits, archives, drawings, drafting projects, contracts, tours, information, project support, graphic design, signage, maps, and record drawings. Michael's background is in graphic design, technical theatre design, and event management. 


Larry Rinder
Drafter 2
USB 302

Assists project managers for projects as required Prints projects for permit and manages file structure for archiving of projects. Organizes and maintains the drawing files and archives for Operation and Maintenance Manuals and Drawings for retrieval. Updates the database for square footage to rooms of the buildings on campus, and maintains and updates the web for any changes to the Buildings on Campus.


Bryce Henry 
USB 302 


Bryce is the archivist for Capital Projects and Construction. He is responsible for the archives and records program which preserves and provides access to records of evidential and informational value for PSU staff, students, faculty, and the general public. 


Jim Schmidt
USB 302

I am a Project Coordinator for Capital Projects and Construction and my main responsibilities is assisting the Project Managers where ever they need help.  This includes but is not limited to: construction documents, meetings with vendors, job walks, code research, file organization, temporary signage, specifications, and construction coordination.  I primarily assist in aiding projects so they are completed in a timely manner. 

ax Kalachic 
USB 302 


Work with architect to produce construction drawings to issue for permit. Co-Coordinate projects with Project Construction Mangers. Operate office equipment for plotting and printing. Deliver and pick-up permits from city.