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ACPC Forms, Procedures, & Tools

Archives of Capital Projects and Construction (ACPC) provides storage for inactive, permanent and non-permanent records to FADM departments. To store records with ACPC please read the procedures below, download the submittal form, and submit it to the Facilities Archivist at

To store records with ACPC, departments must email a complete Excel submittal form. ACPC does not accept unscheduled drop-offs. Contact the ACPC archivist for assistance, supplies, and drop-off or pick-up requests.

Transfers of physical records must be packaged in a folders filed front-to-back inside a standard storage box (10" x 12" x 15"). Extra records boxes, file folders, and labels are available from the archives on request.

Electronic records should include additional information regarding their original systems, file structure, uncommon formats, and passwords for locked/encrypted files. For more information on filing e-records, contact ACPC.

Intake Form:

Intake & Submittal Form - All new record submissions sent to ACPC must be accompanied by an email of this completed Excel form.


Sending Records to ACPC - A how-to guide to submitting new records to the Archives

Saving Email - Gmail workaround using Thunderbird


Auto-Labeler - Creates file folder labels using information copied from the Submittal Form

Is This A Record? - Guidelines for assisting in identifying when something is a record.

PSU Retention Schedule - OAR 166-475, the State retention schedule for Oregon Universities