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Conflict Resolution Graduate Admissions

For admission to graduate study in the program, the student's background and preparation should reflect an ability to pursue graduate work in conflict resolution. Although the program does not require a specific undergraduate degree, competency in both research and academic writing are expected.

Graduate Degree Courses:

Because this program is broadly interdisciplinary, students with an undergraduate degree in any area are encouraged to apply for admission. Should the student's preparation be deemed inadequate in certain areas, the student will be required to overcome those deficiencies through formal coursework and/or directed readings. All such work is separate from work toward the master's degree.

The program works on a cohort model which allows students a chance to build community with each other and the faculty. It also allows for a deeper connection with the knowledge and skills that are acquired throughout the core courses. Due to this model, admissions for new students are in the fall term only. Application deadline is March 30th for the following fall term.