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Web Registration Services

Summer Housing and Conferences offers web registration and payment services to those groups and individuals who request them. Our web registration portals allows PSU departments, external organizations, and others affiliated with the University to accept lodging and event registrations as well as online payments. It is an easy, secure and efficient way collect registrations, distribute information, or conduct a post event survey. It provides a single link that all participants can be sent to find out information about your conference or event.

How it Works

A web-based portal is created specifically for your group or organization. The unique link can be placed on your organizations website or distributed to participants in a manner that the conference organizer chooses. By following the link, participants will be able to access the registration form for the event and even complete payment for the conference or event. Each participant receives a confirmation e-mail of their registration and purchase, if applicable.


The services can include: collection of payment, registration for a single event or multiple events (in multiple locations), setting a cap on participants, developing a registration waiting list, and confirmation e-mails sent to whomever you feel the need to.


The web registration provides and secure site. All payment information is collected by an outside service. Neither portal nor the university stores the credit card information. The payment processor can accept Mastercard or Visa as well as debit cards.


The creation of a web registration portal and the arrangements for accepting payments does require ample notice. It is preferred that arrangements and planning for the use of the web registration portal be done at least four weeks in advance of the proposed event. Use of our web registration services does require active participation on the part of the event or conference organizer.