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Cyber Discovery Camp Cyber Discovery Camp
PSU hosts teams of high school students and teachers at an interdisciplinary summer camp designed to cultivate cyber citizenship and interest in STEM-related fields.
Meet Ceara Chewning Meet Ceara Chewning
Ceara Chewing is a senior working on a B.A. in Applied Linguistics with minors in Computer Science and French at Portland State University.
Undergraduate Student
Artificial Intelligence, Education, & Complexity Artificial Intelligence, Education, & Complexity
Dr. Melanie Mitchell is developing machine intelligence and educating students at PSU and around the world.
Virtual Device Technologies Virtual Device Technologies
Enabling effective, inexpensive, and convenient virtual prototyping for developers of software and electronic devices.
Developing 3D Editing Technology Developing 3D Editing Technology
Professor Feng Liu answers the challenges of stereoscopic image and video editing.
Removing Constraints to Scientific Discovery: "Data Near Here" Removing Constraints to Scientific Discovery: "Data Near Here"
Dr. David Maier and Veronika Megler, both of the department of Computer Science, talk about a technology developed to help scientists draw relevant observations from massive datasets.
kaPoW! A New Defense against Web Attacks kaPoW! A New Defense against Web Attacks
Wu-chang Feng, Associate Professor in the department of Computer Science, is looking to place his new defense mechanism between your favorite Internet services and attackers.
Meet Ralf Juengling Meet Ralf Juengling
2008-09 Maseeh Fellowship Recipient and a Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science at the Maseeh College.
Graduate Student
Meet Professor Suresh Singh Meet Professor Suresh Singh
Suresh Singh works to identify ways to reduce electrical power consumption for the Internet.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Wu-chang Feng Meet Professor Wu-chang Feng
Wu-chang Feng is working with Intel to develop hardware that detects cheating.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Melanie Mitchell Meet Professor Melanie Mitchell
Melanie Mitchell is working to develop new algorithms that enable computers to identify and analyze visual images.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Nirupama Bulusu Meet Professor Nirupama Bulusu
Nirupama Bulusu is involved with a project of tracking the growth and migration of cane toads using a wireless network of acoustic sensors.
Faculty Member
Meet Professor Warren Harrison Meet Professor Warren Harrison
Warren Harrison is developing speech interaction techniques that will enable police officers to use voice commands to run license plate records and criminal histories on their in-car computers.
Faculty Member
Meet Josh Triplett Meet Josh Triplett
My advice to prospective computer science students is to get a good advisor and take full advantage of the many opportunities at Portland State to be involved.
Graduate Student
Meet Professor David Maier Meet Professor David Maier
"I'm not sure what I would have done with my life if computers hadn't been invented. I'm fascinated by all aspects of computer science, and it's let me collaborate with a wide variety of people in other areas of science and engineering."
Faculty Member
Meet Kathryn Mohror Meet Kathryn Mohror
The atmosphere in the Department of Computer Science is comfortable and inclusive. I feel I'm getting a high quality education with healthy collaborative relationships between faculty and graduate students.
Graduate Student
Meet Professor Karen Karavanic Meet Professor Karen Karavanic
Karen Karavanic's enthusiasm for research motivates her to integrate cutting edge results into all of her courses.
Faculty Member
Meet Marius Nita Meet Marius Nita
"Working with PSU's great research faculty has been an incredible experience."
Meet Harkirat Singh Meet Harkirat Singh
"Receiving the Maseeh Fellowship inspired me to want to give back to the professional and academic community."
Meet Professor Bryant York Meet Professor Bryant York
When not teaching and working with students in his adaptive learning lab in PSU's Computer Science Department, Dr. Bryant York helps shape the future of computer science.
Faculty Member