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The newest department publications can be found through our library and PDXScholar.


  • Digital copies of master's theses and Ph.D. dissertations can be found here.

  • Digital copies of technical reports can be found here.


Research Areas

The department has a number of active research areas. We give an overview of the major ones here; for more information, see the individual faculty web pages.

Computer Graphics and Vision

Feng Liu works on computer graphics, computer vision, and multimedia. For more information, visit the lab website here. There is also a graphics and vision reading group, more information can be found here.

Computer Science Education

Faculty pursuing research and scholarship in computer science education include Lois Delcambre and Karen Karavanic.

Computer Security

Faculty with interests in computer security include Jim Hook, Wu-chang Feng, and Charles Wright who specializes in cryptography.


Faculty doing research on databases include Dave Maier and Lois Delcambre.The Database Reading Group meets Fridays at 10:00 am. Details are here.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

Faculty who work on artificial intelligence and machine learning include Melanie Mitchell and Bryant York. Details are here.

Programming Languages

Faculty doing research in the area of programming languages include Sergio Antoy, Andrew Black, Jim Hook, Mark Jones, Tim Sheard, and Andrew Tolmach. The High-Assurance Systems Programming (HASP) group meets 10:00am-12:00pm on Fridays. Please contact a HASP group member for more details.

Information about the PL seminar is available here.

Software Engineering

Faculty with interests in the area of software engineering include Warren Harrison, Bart Massey, and Fei Xie.

Systems and Networking

There are a variety of projects in the area of systems and networking. Interested faculty include Nirupama Bulusu, Wu-chi Feng, Wu-chang Feng, Karen Karavanic, Suresh Singh, and Jonathan Walpole