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IAB Members

Computer Science Department Industrial Advisory Board Members

Fahad Habib, Amazon

Fahad is the manager of the Kindle Development Kit (KDK) QA team at Amazon. He has worked at Amazon since 2005, and prior to that he was with Microsoft. He received the MS in Computer Science from PSU in 2004.

Hanna Linder, IBM

Hanna is currently a VMware ESX Support Engineer at IBM where she is responsible for advanced support and critical customer situation resolution for VMware's flagship virtualization platform running on IBM's server hardware. She has worked at IBM since 1999, and before that at Sequent Computer Systems since 1996. She received the BS in Computer Science from PSU in 1999.

Holly Rasmussen, US Bankcorp

Holly has been a Senior Application Developer at US Bancorp where she develops software for Internet and ATM banking. Prior to joining US Bancorp, she was with SunGard where she developed import/export Internet applications for large banks such as Chase Manhattan, Credit Suisse and Bank of Scotland. Holly received an MS in Computer Science from PSU in 1999.

Jack Weast, Intel

Jack is an Advanced CE Solutions Architect and an Engineering Manager at Intel. He received the BS in Computer Science from PSU in 1999.

Joe Capell, A-dec

Joe is a Senior Software Developer at A-dec, where he develops custom applications supporting manufacturing processes and workflows. Prior to A-dec, Joe worked for Tiburon, Inc. as a Software Engineer Technical Lead in charge of public safety mobile data systems. He received his BS in Computer Science in 2004 from Portland State.

John C. Thomas, Sharp Labs

A Senior Member of the Technical Staff, John C Thomas has been with Sharp Labs for the past 14 years, and before that with Tektronix. His recent work involves printer emulation, color reproduction and network communication. He holds the BA in Physics from Reed College.

Shauna Gonzles, Nike

Shauna is the Lead Software QA Engineer at Nike, where she has worked since 2004. Prior to Nike, she served as QA Manager at Inspiration Software, and before that as VP of Engineering and QA at ImageBuilder Software. She has worked in the Software QA field since 1987. She received the BA in Computer Science from Portland State in 1987.

Steve Aho, Mentor Graphics

Steveis a Senior Program Manager at Mentor Graphics.

Steve Carnegie, AirAdvice

Steve is the Chief Information Officer at AirAdvice, a company that provides innovative technologies to monitor, analyze, and report on the energy performance and indoor environmental quality of industrial and residential buildings. Steve has been at AirAdvice since 2001 and holds two patents dealing with particle sizing .He received his B.S. in Computer Science in 1998, and his MBA in 2003, both from Portland State.