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Communication Department's Honors Track Program

Students who want to participate in the department’s Honors Track must first apply. Send applications to the Chair, Department of Communication.


Students who want a rigorous challenge in their studies may apply for the Communication Department’s Honors Track Program. The Honors Track is designed to allow students first-hand experience conducting research and writing under the mentorship of faculty members. Following are the details:

  • Application Students apply to the honors track in the junior year (no later than Spring term). Applications will be reviewed by a faculty committee
  • Eligibility Junior-standing students must have an overall minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.50. You must have at least of 90 credits when applying to the program. Students must be majors in communication with at least 24 hours completed in communication coursework
  • Coursework Students admitted to the honors track will take 3 communication courses in the 400 and/or 400-500 series (with the permission of each instructor) for a total of 12 credits. Don’t worry that the courses aren’t labeled “honors” in the Bulletin or Schedule. Note that the 400-500 courses are typically undergraduate-graduate combined. The faculty consider this series the most rigorous for undergraduates, and most within this series will fill the Honors requirement
  • Grades Students must receive a minimum grade of B in the honors course. Students will be required to conduct work in each class at the “honors level” as determined by the instructor
  • Faculty mentors Students are required to work under the guidance of the faculty member teaching each honors course. You are responsible for alerting the instructor at the beginning of class that you intend to take the course as an honors student
  • Final paper. Honors students will write a final paper that is suitable for submission to an undergraduate research conference and deliver an on-campus presentation during the course of their honors study while working under the supervision of a faculty mentor. The final paper can arise from any of the 3 communication honors courses you take—not necessarily the final course in your schedule. You are responsible to approaching the faculty member to mentor you through your final paper
  • Graduation with distinction Students who complete the honors track in good standing will be recognized at Commencement as graduating “with departmental honors”

Applying to the Honors Track

Students in their Junior year (no later than Spring term) will submit in hard copy form to the Chair, Department of Communication, the following:

  1. Current university transcripts (photocopy is acceptable)
  2. Cover letter with complete contact information (including full name, address, telephone, PSU ID number and email)
  3. A 500-word (maximum) statement about your area(s) of interests in communication and how the honors program will allow you to pursue your interest(s)
  4. Letters of support from at least 2 faculty members in the Department of Communication, including one tenured faculty member


Department Honors Program Application

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