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Cleantech covers a broad spectrum of growing industries. From state of the art software to innovative methods of hydroponic gardening, electric vehicles to biodegradable jerseys for marathon runners, cleantech is an essential component to improving quality of life and growing the economy in a responsible and sustainable manner.



Creating solar power delivery systems that are smart, efficient and cost effective by including the cells in the inversion process and cutting down the cost of conversion from direct current to alternating current.

30 Birds to Know in Portland/30 Pajaros Para Conocer en Portland

Bilingual flashcards and interactive website to make birding and wild areas accessible to underserved communities.

Bythos Environmental

A modular drone-mounted water collection system to improve field water sampling to increase and enhance research capabilities.

Compostable Composting

An aesthetically pleasing in home composting bin made of materials that are themselves fully compostable that provides users a more convenient and effective tool for composting.

Environmental Audio

Audio equipment designed with local, environmentally friendly, reclaimed materials with a business model that gives back to environmental restoration groups.


Anaerobic digester with a water distillation system to process waste, reduce methane emissions, produce clean water, and improve sanitary conditions for rural communities in developing world.



Reducing the cost of inverting solar energy, reducing the overall costs of installing solar panels, thus making the technology more available to all.

Eclipse Solar Shading System

Solar-powered "smart" shade for outdoor installation that will open and close automatically prevent the buildup of heat pockets between the glass and indoor shades or curtains, thus lowering the temperature indoors and reducing the need for energy to cool a house.

Portland Shower

An open loop system wherein a user’s shower water is captured, treated, reheated and cycled back into the water supply raining out of a shower head.


Green building materials made from waxed cardboard to provide Portland grocers with an ecofriendly solution to a costly waste problem.

SPEC: Sensing Pollution Exposure by Community

A portable, affordable, networked multi-sensor machine that records levels of certain air pollutants and collects data on meteorological conditions, location and duration of trips, and physiological (heart and respiratory rates) and employs a smartphone application to analyze, manage, and store the aggregate data.


An alternative electric power source for automotive vehicles that eliminates the environmental and health risks associated with lead-acid batteries, has triple the life expectancy, and recharges many times faster than traditional automotive batteries.





Using diatoms, which convert light into usable energy while creating oxygen and organic carbon compounds, to improve light to electricity conversion in solar cells.

Mobius Microfarms

A computer-controlled aquaponics system for home use to lower food prices, conserve awter, and reduce the need for toxic fertilizers.


Using fungal endophytes that release pigmented compounds to meet the growing demand for natural dyes and pigments in a less energy and water intensive way.

Buckling Restrained Brace

An ultra-lightweight and corrosion resistant buckling restrained device to make this life- and structure-saving technology easy to install and deploy in exposed conditions.

Neptune Purification

A solar-powered, point-of-use water filtration system. Using a unique method of magnetic photocatalyst recycling, the system will purify water of organic contaminants using only energy from the sun.

Green Innovations Inc.

Recycling waste oils to produce affordable diesel fuel with the goal of providing shipping and trucking companies in the Metro region and beyond the diesel to fuel their fleets for $1.99/gal.