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Innovation & Intellectual Property

Innovation &Intellectual Property's (IIP) mission is to promote the use and increase the impact of PSU innovations through intellectual property. We offer our backing and support to any enterprise developed with some level of university support, and for the Cleantech Challenge we are available to consult and advise on how intellectual property matters to your projects.   

IIP can help support and provide resources to your intellectual property strategy, or in cases where it makes sense IIP can ensure that an appropriate waiver of rights from the university is granted. In either case we can provide information, experience, and enthusiasm to help teams gain traction and achieve their goals.

What rules govern ownership of intellectual property at PSU?

All Oregon universities follow the OAR/IMD (Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 580-43 and OUS Internal Management Directive (IMD) 6.2) rules on IP. For more information, please review our Intellectual Property Policies and Guidelines.

If I submit a project, does PSU own the intellectual property rights?

No. PSU does not own any IP rights in the project submissions. In some cases, the submission may come from a project in a PSU lab where other ownership conditions already apply. However, the act of submitting a project does not mean that PSU owns the submission.

Does accepting funds from the Cleantech Challenge mean that PSU owns any IP developed using those funds?

This is a case by case determination. PSU ownership may apply under certain circumstances for work completed or invented using project funding over the summer. The IIP office will work with the teams to determine if PSU ownership makes sense.

PSU can waive PSU's ownership on any particular Cleantech project if:

1) There was no PSU ownership prior to the submission.


2) After consultation, the project team decides that they do not want to take advantage of any benefits that come with PSU ownership.

For more information, please contact Innovation Associate, Miska Paulorinne, at