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Sabbatical Leave Chair Letter Example


To: Susan W. Beatty, Dean of CLAS
From: Dick Clark, Chair of American Bandstand
Date: 1/10/2013
Re: Professor Longhair's Sabbatical

I support Professor Longhair's request for a sabbatical for the academic year 2013-2014. He has given us stellar performance and has several well thought through plans for his sabbatical year.

Longhair's salary at present is $40,293. The sabbatical savings to CLAS (40% of salary) come to $16,117. We have asked for wage section money to replace his largest classes. He has been teaching capstones which have resulted in a fabulous community and scholarly project, the History of Portland Blues, but which have a small impact on SCH. We have hired a new Pacific Northwest historian who will take over the large survey course HST 202– American History since the Civil War. The three classes for which we have asked replacements are:

  • HST 333, American Family History, for which we have adjuncts always teaching as it is a course required by Child and Family Studies;

  • HST 341, History of Blues and Blenders in America; and

  • HST 356, History of Hedonism in Wasco County.

The last two of these courses are required for the International Studies major.

The approximate salary and OPE cost for these courses come to $8,100.00

Please let me know if I can provide any other information.