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Other Academic Programs

The Challenge Program
The Challenge Program was started in 1976 as a partnership with the North Clackamas School District. It was known as Project Advance until 1983 when it took its current name. It is a cooperative program between Portland State University and metropolitan area high schools. It provides high school seniors an opportunity to take regular college courses on their own campuses.

The LINK Program
The LINK Program makes it possible for selected gifted high school students in the greater Portland metropolitan area to attend University classes for part-time advanced study in a particular academic discipline. The program is designed to serve those students who have taken all the course work in a particular discipline that their high school offers while simultaneously maintaining their high school schedule.

Pre-professional Programs
The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers courses which meet requirements of various professional schools. These programs are often based on the graduation requirements of other institutions. Find out more at the Pre-professional Programs page.