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IT Consultant III


  1. Assist CLAS staff and faculty as a general resource for planning and supporting technology.
    • Assist departments for planning for and improving technologies as needed.
    • Provide desktop support in special needs cases where campus support is not available.
    • Provide support for server and network technologies in special needs cases where campus support is not available.
    • Supervise student workers and outside contractors involved in CLAS support.
  2. Coordinate and improve CLAS interactions with PSU OIT units and other technology support/planning groups on campus.

  3. Work with the Dean's office, department chairs and faculty to coordinate and develop CLAS technology projects, including:
    • Project planning and coordination.
    • Involving other campus technology and support units in planning as needed.
    • Developing requests for external and internal funds related to technology projects.
    • Supporting project technologies directly and/or developing plans and resources to ensure the technologies can be supported in a sustainable manner.
    • Supervise other IT workers and outside contractors involved in CLAS projects.
  4. Keep CLAS units technologically current and ensure stability for CLAS systems by analyzing new technology of interest to CLAS, communicating regularly with faculty and administration, and developing documentation/training as needed for systems and technologies.

  5. Training/Documentation/Presentation
    • Develop technical documentation that can be passed on to others for technical support of key systems.
    • Present CLAS technology issues at various campus meetings, forums, events.
    • Provide classes in the use of various technology tools.
    • Develop user documentation, user guides.
  6. Other duties as assigned.

See also the General Info Tech Consultant Position Description from the Oregon University System (OUS) on their site.