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General questions

I want to apply to the Graduate Teacher Education Program GTEP. Where do I start?
Start by attending a GTEP Information Session or contact Lynda Pullen at to schedule an individual meeting. 

When does the Graduate Teacher Education Program (GTEP) start?
Both full-time and part-time GTEP start once a year in the summer. GTEP for 2014 will begin in June, 2014. 

When is the admissions deadline?
The application deadline is February 2 for a summer 2014 start. Applications are now open for 2014. 

Is it possible to meet with a GTEP advisor?
First, attend a GTEP Information Session. These sessions provide information about the program and offer strategies for gathering evidence that demonstrates your commitment to teaching. It is the first best place to go for information about the GTEP application process. 

What is the application process?
An applicant must apply to both PSU’s Graduate Division and the Graduate Teacher Education Program in the Graduate School of Education. See for instructions about applying to PSU. The GTEP application is completed and submitted online. See for instructions on how to access the online GTEP application.

Can I submit a paper application for GTEP?
No, the online application is the only option. 

  • Most of the information is provided through the online application process. All of the information requested on the application is important documentation of an applicant’s qualifications; please complete each field that requests information.
  • Transcripts, test score reports and letters of recommendation are submitted in print format.
  • The Departmental Recommendation Form, required for middle level and high school applicants, is emailed by the Secondary Education Advisor after the transcript review process has been completed.


Are there prerequisite courses for GTEP?
Yes, you can view all of the GTEP prerequisites here.

What if I took a Human Development course at Portland Community College: can it substitute for the GTEP prerequisite course PSY 311?
For a complete list of preapproved equivalent courses from other institutions in the area, see the Course Equivalency Chart on the Prerequisites and Tests page of the GTEP website.

What is the process for substituting courses taken at other institutions not listed on the Course Equivalency Chart? 
If you have taken a course that is not on the Course Equivalency Chart but you believe that it may include equivalent content, a waiver process is in place. The instructions, department contacts, and form can be found at The form, along with supporting materials, is submitted to the academic department. 

Is it possible to meet the prerequisite requirements by taking a test?
The Math and Psychology Departments have testing options for meeting the prerequisites requirements. Please see the individual department websites and/or contact the departments for more detailed information.


What tests are required for the GTEP program?
All applicants are required to submit passing scores on a basic skills test and content area test(s). The specific tests required for documenting your basic skills and content knowledge vary depending on what age group and subject area you wish to teach. You can get more information about the specific tests that you need to document your basic skills and content knowledge here.

Can I take the tests at PSU?
No, all of the tests required for GTEP Admissions and Oregon licensure are now computer-based tests that are administered at a number of local testing centers. Some of the tests are also offered at national and international testing centers. Go directly to the National Evaluation Series (NES) website for more information.

When I registered for a test, I requested that my electronic score be sent to PSU-GTEP. Is that the only documentation I need to provide?
No, you must also submit paper copies of all test score reports with your GTEP application. 

Preparing a strong application

What information do I need to include in my GTEP application?
Complete applications provide evidence of an applicant’s content knowledge, articulates a commitment to education as a profession, and documents successful experiences working with children in teaching-learning situations. The application contains: a personal statement; three letters of recommendation; a complete set of transcripts from every institution ever attended (including prerequisite course grades); paper copies of test score reports that indicate passing scores; and a Departmental Recommendation Form (middle level and high school applicants only). Applications that are complete by the deadline provide substantial evidence of an applicant’s qualifications and are always the strongest applications.

I want to be a high school Social Studies teacher and I have met with a secondary education advisor to review the Social Studies content courses on my undergraduate transcript. The advisor identified four prerequisite courses on the Departmental Recommendation Form that I must take as part of the GTEP application process. Can I take these courses at a community college?

Prerequisite courses listed on the Departmental Recommendation Form are most often at the undergraduate level and may sometimes even be lower division courses. If a course listed on the form is a lower division course and you would like to take it t a community college, ask the advisor about that option. The advisor makes that determination, and that option would need to be specified on the Departmental Recommendation Form.


My undergraduate GPA is less than the 2.75 stated on the GTEP website. Can I still be accepted into the program? 
It depends, contact Lynda Pullen at for more information on your options. 

After applying

Is it possible to work while completing the Graduate Teacher Education Program?
It is very difficult for students to work while in full-time GTEP and still devote enough time to successfully completing the program requirements. If any arrangements for work are made, students must have a very flexible schedule with limited hours during the week. It is not possible for students to work when the time in schools increases in winter term. Students who need to work while pursuing their initial teaching license should apply for either the Elementary or Secondary Part Time GTEP. 

After applying to the program when can applicants expect to find out about their acceptance to the program?
Applicants can expect final notification regarding their acceptance into the program before March 1st. 

Master of Education (MEd) 

I plan to apply for GTEP that starts in Summer 2014. How can I get my master of education degree at that time?
The coursework in Graduate Teacher Education Program is included in the master's degree. You will need 4-10 additional creidts for the MEd, typically taken in the second summer.