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Early Childhood Education Course Descriptions

CI 458/558 Advanced Curriculum Design in Kindergarten/Primary Grades (3 credits)
This course will consider growth and development characteristics of children ages 5-8 years and research on teaching for planning educational programs, curricula, instruction, environment, management, and guidance.

CI 472/572 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)

Helps teachers understand, assess, and promote early experiences with language that contribute to the process of becoming literate.
Recommended prerequisite: Undergraduate early childhood education coursework or teaching experience with young children.

CI 476/576 Equity and Cultural Diversity in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)

Explore developmental early childhood education practices, emphasizing developmentally and culturally appropriate objectives as well as anti-bias learning goals. Develop awareness of quality teaching practices by exploring personal cultural history, gaining insights into living examples of difference, witnessing the effects of bias, and learning to support fairness and issues of equity in a classroom.

CI 570 Child Development and Education (3 credits)
In-depth study of child development theory, principles, and current research, practice of observational strategies, and application of growth and development data to educational programs for young children. Study will extend to decision making and developmentally appropriate practice in early childhood education. Prerequisite: Undergraduate early childhood education coursework or teaching experience with young children

CI 571 Play: Curriculum in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)

Study of stages of play, theory, research on play, cultural differences in play, and adult role in facilitation of play. Curriculum will be reviewed, developed, and integrated with a focus on play for teaching and learning, for child-centered approaches, and for meeting needs of special learners. Prerequisite: Undergraduate early childhood education coursework or teaching experience with young children.

CI 573 Assessment and Technology in Early Childhood Education (3 credits)
Study of and experience with a range of developmentally appropriate assessment and technology strategies for use in diagnostic, formative, and summative evaluation of growth and development of young children and for appropriate educational decisions in early childhood education settings.

Prerequisite: Undergraduate early childhood education coursework or teaching experience with young children.

CI 580 Theories of Instruction (3 credits)
An investigation of what happens in the classroom, emphasizing the interrelatedness of learning, subject matter, and teaching; testing of scholars’ and the student’s own ideas against concrete case studies of instruction; formulation and defense of one’s own theory. Prerequisite: teaching experience or consent of instructor.

CI 581/681 Issues in Education (3 credits)

An introduction to the study of contemporary issues which impact teaching and learning environments for K-12 students and their teachers. This course is a graduate seminar in which students will identify critical issues in contemporary education and analyze those issues from a variety of perspectives.

CI 590 Action Research Proposal (3 credits)

In this course, students will write their three chapter proposal. Chapter one includes a problem statement, research question(s) about your problem and a rationale for study; chapter two is a literature review around your problem; and chapter three explains your context for the study, your methodological approach, data collection instruments, timelines, data analysis procedures and limitations and ethical dilemmas for conducting your research. Designed to help educators see themselves as researchers, in order that they may conduct research in educational settings that contribute to the improvement of education. Research questions and methods appropriate for practicing educators will be covered. Must take this course before CI 591 Action Research Implementation, when you implement your research project proposal.

CI 591 Action Research Implementation (3 credits)
Implement your proposal by utilizing your proposed methods. Write your last two chapters. Chapter four consists of your data results as they related to your questions and chapter five reports your conclusions and implications of your research study. Must take this course after CI 590 Action Research Proposal, when you propose your research project.