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Curriculum and Instruction Master's Degree Program Formats - On Campus

The master’s in curriculum and instruction is a non-licensure degree program, culminating in a Master of Arts or Sciences. It is a 45-credit degree; 24 credits are core courses (required) and 21 credits are elective and selected based on student needs and advisor assessment.

For our Early Childhood Education Specialization program, please visit those pages for specific program information and design. For our public school licensure programs, please visit our Graduate Teacher Education Program website.

On-Campus Program Features

Convenient times
A central feature of the program is its rolling admissions and Thursday night fast-track scheduling of the core classes during fall, winter and spring. Core courses are also offered during the summer on a block schedule; for example, one class is taught in the morning for two weeks and another taught in the afternoon for two weeks. We seek to accommodate the summer schedules of in-service teachers through our scheduling options. For those who wish to complete the program quickly, an optional one-year plan is available. 

Program format
The MA/MS in Curriculum and Instruction is a 45-credit graduate level program designed for experienced professionals in education. It is not a licensure program. There are 24-credits in the core classes with 21 credits in electives. Many students use the elective credits to get an endorsement in ESL, reading (online or on-campus), special education, or library media. Some bring in 15 credits pre-admission or transfer. Others design their own program of electives based on their unique interests or needs. 

Because the program does not have a cohort model, practicing teachers can take the courses when they have funding and the time in their busy lives within a seven-year time limit.  We schedule our classes so that they fit into the lives of busy professionals.

The standard offering is a 45-credit course graduate level program leading to a MA or MS in Curriculum and Instruction.  There are 24 credits of core classes and 21 credits in electives.  Only 6 credits at the 810 level are accepted within the masters. No 808 level classes are accepted.  All the core classes are on campus and face-to-face.