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Curriculum and Instruction Master's Degree Advisory Committees

On-campus advisory committee

Jan Abramovitz

Dr. Jan Abramovitz, Faculty Member

How is dance related to learning? Ask Dr. Jan Abramovitz, an assistant professor in Curriculum and Instruction who studies arts education and kinesthetic learning.

Meet Professor Jan Abramovitz


Dr. Christine Chaillé, Curriculum and Instruction Department Chair

How is play related to learning? Ask Dr. Christine Chaillé, a professor in early childhood education, who researches the importance of play for young children.

Meet Professor Christine Chaillé


Dr. Bernd Ferner, Faculty Member, Program Coordinator

How can we see the whole child both as a learner and a person in a culturally and linguistically diverse classroom?

Meet Professor Bernd Ferner

  Carol Mack, Faculty Member

Dr. Barbara Ruben, Faculty Member

What do teachers need to know to empower and engage all students to be lifelong lovers of learning? Ask Dr. Barb Ruben, assistant professor in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.

Meet Professor Barb Ruben


Dr. Dannelle Stevens

How do teachers learn and develop? Ask Professor Dannelle Stevens, who studies teachers' learning and development.

Meet Professor Dannelle Stevens

Dr. Yer Thao, Faculty Member

What can we learn from a story? Ask Dr. Thao, a scholar interested in oral tradition.

Meet Professor Yer Thao

Howard Yank

Howard Yank, Faculty Member, Secondary Cohort Leader

How can teachers and schools best provide equity, access and rigor for all students? Ask Howard Yank, who leads and facilitates various workshops in collaboration, engagement, and professional development.

Meet Professor Howard Yank

  Maika Yeigh, Faculty Member