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Chicano/Latino Studies offers a minor and a certificate. The Certificate is also available as a post-baccalaureate degree. The minor and certificate have been called the most useful complement to any PSU major. They are a valuable asset for graduate school as well as professional programs in health, education, business, counseling, legal, and public service.

Chicano/Latino Studies brings together the tools, approaches, and methodologies of the social sciences and the humanities to study: the growing Latino segment of the United States—its history, the diversity of its cultures and ethnic heritage, its contributions, and its challenges in the 21st century; and the United States and the ways it is changing as a result of the rich and varied Latino cultural influence.

Many national and international organizations search for employees with knowledge of our multicultural society and in particular the Chicano/Latino community. With a minor or certificate in Chicano/Latino Studies, you will be well prepared to hold a position of leadership in any multicultural community.

The minor or certificate can be earned while satisfying University Studies requirements or major/minor requirements.

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Requirements for Certificate

2015-2016 CHLA Course Requirements (PDF)


Requirements for Minor

2015-2016 CHLA Course Requirements (PDF)


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