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Sustainability and Chiron Studies

Chiron Studies strives to provide students, faculty, and community members with unique and empowering ways to engage with all of Portland State University's Campus-Wide Learning Outcomes.

We encourage all of our instructors to consider a holistically sustainable approach to designing and instructing Chiron Studies classes, and we strive to offer classes with strong sustainability components.

This year, Chiron Studies and Solutions Generator at PSU's Institute for Sustainable Solutions partnered to offer two classes rooted in sustainability practice and pedagogy: The Good Life: Career Design & Ecological Identity and Sustainability and the Zombie Apocalypse. Both of these classes were designed and instructed by master's candidates in the Leadership for Sustainability Education program, Alyssa Martin and Jared Rhea.

Please check back here this summer to learn more about how these classes went.

Chiron Studies hopes to continue this exciting partnership with Solutions Generator at PSU's Institute for Sustainable Solutions and to continue to nurture thoughtful, well-prepared sustainability educators. 

Participants in Food Action Collective's Kalelujah! presentation learn about the magic of kale at the Chiron Studies Teach Out, a free week-long celebration of highly democratic approaches to teaching and learning on the PSU campus. Food Action Collective is a PSU student organization that grew from Carolyn White's Food Affairs: Systems, Society, and Sustainability Chiron Studies class (Fall 2011).