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Chiron Studies Mission and Values

Chiron Studies engages Portland State University students in peer-centered learning experiences that create empowering opportunities for them to become co-creators of knowledge.
Founded by PSU students and faculty during the 1968/69 academic year, Chiron Studies makes it possible for qualified students to design and instruct for-credit classes that the university does not already offer. Chiron Studies instructors work with faculty and peer mentors throughout the process, and are paid for their time and energy.

Chiron Studies creates multiple avenues to knowledge by nurturing a liberatory space in which students are the primary architects of learning experiences that are aligned with our values.

Chiron Studies values -- and strives to create -- learning experiences that are:

  • Diverse and Creative
  • Accessible and Inclusive
  • Empowering and Liberatory
  • Highly Collaborative and Democratic
  • Experiential and Engaged

Above: Chiron Studies Teach Out participants explore local, complimentary economies