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The Chiron Studies Committee

Since its creation in 1968, Chiron Studies has been administered and shaped, primarily, by students, in collaboration with dedicated faculty and community members.

Chiron Studies is led by a Student Coordinator/Committee Chair, and course offerings are selected by a committee comprised of a PSU student majority with interested faculty and community members. If you are a PSU faculty member or degree-seeking student interested in joining the committee, please contact Committee Chair Rozzell Medina at

Current Membership of Chiron Studies Committee:

PSU Students:
Rozzell Medina, Master's Candidate, Educational Leadership and Policy (Chair)
Cassia Gammill,Master's Candidate, Creative Writing
Matthew Hernandez, Philosophy undergraduate
Joel Rene Cano, Film undergraduate
Thea Prieto, MFA Candidate, Creative Writing
Felipe Ferreira, Master's Candidate, Educational Leadership and Policy 

PSU Faculty:
Robert Muñoz, Chicano Studies
David Osborne, University Studies
Ramin Farahmandpur, Educational Leadership and Policy 
Sarah Wolf Newlands, University Studies 

PSU Alumni:
Jay Johnston