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Tenured & Tenure-track Faculty

  • Dr. Dean B. Atkinson

    Application of new measurement technology to environmental problems

  • Dr. Jack Barbera

    Chemistry education research focusing on the development and evaluation of educational assessments and their use in measuring the effectiveness of pedagogical practice 

  • Dr. Albert S. Benight
    Biophysical Chemistry of biological macromolecules with applications in Biotechnology

  • Dr. Andrea Mitchell Goforth

    Synthetic development, property control, analytical characterization and application of surface-tailored, size-controlled inorganic nanoparticles for biomedical imaging and nanoscale electronics

  • Dr. Dirk Iwata-Reuyl, Department Chair

    Biological and bioorganic chemistry, mechanistic enzymology, modification of RNA

  • Dr. Erik Johansson

    Materials chemistry for energy conversion

  • Dr. Tami Lasseter Clare

    Developing methods to conserve material cultural heritage

  • Dr. Niles Lehman

    RNA-directed catalysis, origins of life, and prebiotic chemistry

  • Dr. Theresa McCormick

    Ligand design and metal complexes for solar energy conversion and chiral recognition

  • Dr. James F. Pankow

    Physical chemistry governing the formation of organic particulate material (PM) in the atmosphere, including the effects of PM on air quality & climate; all physical & analytical chemistry aspects of environmental chemistry; advanced analytical chemistry of organic compounds by various methods that include GC/MS, LC/MS, GC×GC/MS, & LC×LC/MS

  • Dr. John J. Perona

    Sulfur metabolism in methanogens; synthetic biology of the protein translation apparatus

  • Dr. David H. Peyton

    Drug discovery and development to treat infectious agents, as well as biophysical studies of biomolecules, primarily using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

  • Dr. Steve Reichow

    Biochemistry and structural biology of membrane protein complexes using electron cryo-microscopy (cryoEM)

  • Dr. Kevin A. Reynolds

  • Dr. Gwen Shusterman

  • Dr. Reuben H. Simoyi

    Biological and Biophysical Chemistry of Thiols in the Physiological Environment

  • Dr. Robert Strongin

    Synthesis and evaluation of novel redox and chromophore materials

  • Dr. David Stuart

    Organotransition metal chemistry, catalysis, and development of new chemical reactivity for organic synthesis

  • Dr. Mark Woods

    Focus on both fundamental and practical aspects of developing improved molecular imaging probes