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Past Seminars

Winter 2014

Date Seminar
Jan. 17th

Mary Cloninger

Montana State University

Using Dendrimers to Study Multivalent Aggregation Processes


Jan. 24th

Eric Barklis

Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, OHSU

How HIV Assembles


Jan. 31st

Stephen Reichow

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farm Research Campus

Seeing Clearly - Mechanisms of Water Channel Gating in the Eye Lens


Feb. 3rd

Carolyn Phillips

Department of Molecular Biology, Massachusetts General Hospital

Small RNA Sorting is Critical for Germline Surveillance and Fertility

** Seminar is at 1PM in CH 53 **


Feb. 7th

Jay Nadeau

Department of Biomedical Engineering, McGill University

Targeted nanoparticles for melanoma imaging and therapy


Feb. 14th

Megan McClean

Princeton University

Elucidating principles of biological signal processing using microfluidic and optogenetic tools


Feb. 21st

Theresa Mayer

Penn State

Adding New Capabilities to Silicon CMOS Via Determinsitic Assembly


Feb. 28th





Mar. 7th

Kevin Plaxco

University of California, Santa Barbara

Stealing nature's tricks to build better biosensors


Mar. 14th

Chemistry M.A./M.S. Student presentations