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Past Seminars

Winter 2015

Jan. 9th

Tami Lasseter Clare

Portland State University

Electrochemistry in the service of artwork

Jan. 16th

Alberto Munuzuri

Harvard University

Cooperative behavior in a set of nonlinear chemical oscillators

Jan. 23rd

Kyril Solntsev

Georgia Institute of Technology

Photoinduced processes in the Green Fluorescent Protein synthetic chromophores

Jan. 30th

Tom Scanlan

Oregon Health & Science University

Discovery and Development of Selective Thyroid Hormone Agonists

Feb. 13th

Beth Habecker

Oregon Health & Science University

Novel Therapeutics for Nerve Regeneration

Feb. 20th

Brett Helms

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Collodial Nanocrystal Frameworks

Feb. 27th

Loren Williams

Georgia Institute of Technology

Molecular Symbionts: RNA, Protein and the Origin of Biology

Mar. 6th

Noah Burns

Standford University

A Strategy for Selective Halogenation

Mar. 13th

Matthew J. Allen

Wayne State University

Aqueous Lanthanide Chemistry

Spring 2014

Date Seminar
Apr. 4th

Paul Ha-Yeon Cheong

Oregon State University

Strategic Applications of Chemical Theory and Computations to Organic Synthesis and Material Science


Apr. 11th

Julie Maupin-Furlow

University of Florida

Archael ubiquitinfold proteins with dual function in peptide bond formation and sulfur transfer


Apr. 25th

Clifton E. Barry III

National Institute of Health

How can chemistry contribute to the fight against tuberculosis?


May 2nd

Jonathan Abramson

Portland State University

Rational Design of Novel Drugs to Treat Ventricular Arrhythmias


May 9th

Partick Poletti, Graduate Student


Evidence for reactive reduced phosphorus species in the early Archean Ocean


May 16th

Juan Alfonzo

Ohio State University

tRNA editing and modification in trypanosomes: Though this be madness yet there is method


May 23rd

Biswarup Mukhopadhyay

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech

Development of biological sulfate reduction and thioredoxin systems and mathanogenic archaea


May 30th

Honors Symposium

PSU Chemistry Honor Students: Tess Harris & Colin Hiatt