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Lab Policies

As noted in the Schedule of Classes for each term, the following policy is strictly enforced for all lab students:


If students are not present promptly at the beginning of their first lab period, their places will be given to students on the waiting list. If students are not present promptly at the beginning of their first lab period, they will lose their place in the laboratory. If a student is unable to attend the first scheduled lab period, they must notify the Chemistry Department in advance to see if alternative arrangements can be made.


Approved eye protection (ANSI Z87.1 Splash Goggles) must be worn at all times in chemistry laboratories. There are NO exceptions to this requirement, and failure to comply with this requirement will result in the student being dropped from the laboratory.


Once a student has checked into a lab locker, the student must formally check out of that locker even if the student has dropped the lab and/or has not used any of the equipment. Failure to check out by the posted check-out date (5 PM on the Friday preceding finals week) will result in an automatic $50 fee assessment. If keys are not returned, an automatic $75 fee will be assessed.


In the event that items are missing/broken, students will be responsible for replacing each item. Payment is due directly to the Stockroom prior to check-out. Students may use any of the following payment options:

  • Credit / debit card
  • Charge to student account (plus $5 processing fee)

    Questions regarding lab policies should be directed to the Lab Coordinator (Dr. Eric Sheagely | 503-725-8987), the Teaching Assistant assigned to the lab, or the Chemistry Stockroom (CLSB 2N067 503-725-7725 or SRTC 280 | 503-725-4273).


     Notes on registration:

    • Please do not register for more than one laboratory section as doing so will prevent a fellow student from his or her place in a laboratory. All multiple listings will be routinely purged to a single listing prior to the beginning of the term.
    • All online registration functions except Withdrawal are deactivated on the Friday before the term begins and changes can only be made by Departmental approval during the first week. If you withdraw from a lab after that time, you will not be able to register for another section without attending the lab and securing the Teaching Assistant's permission - space allowing.



    The following lab fees are assessed in addition to tuition and mandatory fees:

    Advanced Chemistry $35.00
    Analytical Chemistry $35.00
    Biochemistry $50.00
    General Chemistry $35.00
    Glassblowing $75.00
    Introductory Chemistry $35.00
    Organic Chemistry $35.00
    Physical Chemistry $35.00