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Biomolecular CryoEM

Biomolecular CryoEM
The Reichow Lab is using cryoEM to illuminate the structures of biological macromolecules and characterize their functional mechanisms. This technique provides images with very high resolution, allowing us to investigate biomolecular mechanisms with atomic-level detail.

PSU Squared

PSU Squared
PSU Squared is a new portal that connects Chemistry students to degree pathways and career opportunities in the sciences.

Seminar series

Seminar series
Every Friday, the Department of Chemistry hosts eminent scholars from throughout the field of chemistry at our weekly seminar series. Seminars start at 3:15 PM in SBI 107 and are free and open to the public.
The Department of Chemistry at Portland State University maintains a teaching program of excellence at the undergraduate level and a graduate program emphasizing cutting-edge research.
Research Funding

Assistant Professor Steve Reichow received a New Investigator Grant from the Medical Research Foundation to characterize the molecular mechanisms of cell-to-cell communication through membrane channel proteins.

James Pankow

Professors James PankowDavid Peyton, and Rob Strongin received funding from the National Institutes of Health for their research into Toxicant Production and Mitigation in the Electronic-Cigarette Reaction Vessel.

Professor John Perona was recently awarded a new grant from NASA to fund his work on the biochemistry of sulfur metabolism in the Archaea.

Departmental News

We’re happy to announce that Dr. Jack Barbera will be joining the Department in Fall 2015 as a new Associate Professor. Dr. Barbera’s research focuses on how educators and researchers measure student learning in chemistry.  

Note that courses held in Collaborative Life Sciences Building have been scheduled to allow for travel time to and from the building; starting and ending times are offset from the main campus class time grid. Overrides for time conflicts will not be considered.

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