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Financial Support

Doctoral students in the Department of Chemistry are supported financially by graduate teaching or research assistantships, fellowships, or scholarships. Assistantships carry a living stipend and include a complete waiver of tuition, although students are responsible for University health service and incidental fees.

Teaching Assistantships

New graduate students are usually awarded teaching assistantships. These offer students an opportunity to gain teaching experience at the college level, to sharpen their understanding of fundamental chemical concepts, and to practice presenting technical material to a group. Typically, students hold teaching assistantships for at least their first year.

Research Assistantships

Funds for research appointments come from grants, which provide support for research in defined areas. Graduate students typically are not appointed to these research positions until their second year of study. However, students whose backgrounds are well-matched to the activities of one of the research groups, and who are accepted by the faculty research director, may join a group and receive support on a research assistantship upon beginning the program.

Fellowships & Scholarships

The University's Office of Graduate Studies maintains a Graduate Funding Blog to which they regularly post updates on scholarships and other funding opportunities for graduate students.

There are special fellowships and scholarships awarded on a competitive basis by the University. These are available after a student has begun the program and can start as early as the second year in residence.

Highly qualified applicants are encouraged to apply for graduate fellowship support, including the following: