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Why Challenge

About the Challenge High School Program

Challenge History

In 1976, PSU joined with the North Clackamas School District to initiate a concurrent enrollment program for high achieving seniors who had tapped out of high school offerings. Today, we serve approximately 1,000 student in 7 school districts and are accredited both by the State of Oregon and with the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).

Why Challenge?

In today’s drive to provide rigorous postsecondary academic challenges to high school students in their own environments, we see Challenge as offering benefits that set it apart from other programs, including the College Board’s Advanced Placement and the International Baccalaureate programs. Consider the following:

  • We build a community of faculty and instructors that is the foundation of Challenge’s success. It provides a venue for support and shared information that reinforces the connection between the campus and the classroom. 
  • Our instructors have the academic freedom to determine how to meet PSU standards and are not restricted by having to focus on teaching to a high-stakes final exam; nor are our students sidelined by weeks of test taking preparation. 
  • We strive for both an academic and cultural college experience and hold our students to college-level expectations, smoothing the transition to college. 
  • In select disciplines, the content for AP or IB may fit within the PSU Challenge course syllabus which has made it possible for some of our participating high schools to offer PSU courses which also meet AP or IB requirements. In these courses, Challenge students have the assurance of college credit through their PSU enrollment, not based solely on a single high stakes exam, and they also have the advantage of the AP or IB designation on their high school transcript.