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Registration and Payment Overview

Student Eligibility: To be eligible for a Challenge class, students must verify that they have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and have instructor approval. Those not meeting this academic standard may request a waiver that will also require instructor/counselor approval.

Registration: Instructors manage the registration process. They provide all information and forms (registration form, GPA waiver form, parent letter) but these are also available online (see “Forms”).

Students complete the blue registration form they receive from their teachers, parents sign and students return the form and payment to the instructor by deadline on the registration form.

Cost: PROGRAM COST IS $230 per 4-credit class. Discounted fee is available for students eligible for free and reduced lunch, with a copy of their eligibility form. Payment is made by check or money order, made out to PSU (not the school).

ID Card: Once we receive registrations from our schools, students are formally registered as PSU part-time students. They will receive an ID card in the mail (looks like a credit card but should not be activated) in the mail, with an ID number (begins with a 9) which identifies them as a PSU student. They will need this number to access the PSU data system, their student files, and to order a transcript.

If the registration card does not show up, students can check on the status of their ID card by searching PSU Higher One Services Status Form. (NOTE: the ID card is not critical but the number is for PSU students; we can look the number up for a student.) Alternatively, students may proceed to the Admissions Records and Registration windows in Neuberger Hall with a photo ID to retrieve their PSU ID number. Students may also have a PSU Student ID reissued at the ID Card Services window in Neuberger Hall.

Deadlines: Students may drop or withdraw from a course within the specified deadlinesThere are no refunds.

Grades: Students receive a grade for their PSU work as well as one recorded at their high school. It is possible though not typical that these grades are not the same.

Please check with us directly if you have questions about PSU policy, registration concerns, PSU ID numbers, etc.

Please go to “School Specific Information” for course information for your high school.