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Setting up your ODIN Account

Accessing computer resources at PSU, including the PSU Information System Banweb and Odin Account Manager (OAM) for academic records transcripts and account management, the classroom learning management system Desire2Learn (D2L), use of the campus computer labs and printers, Wi-Fi on campus, off campus access to library databases, PSU Google Apps, and many other services at PSU, requires an ODIN (computer) account.

Some of our classrooms use ODIN accounts for assignments and library research. For these classrooms we assist in setting up their accounts. Individual students not in a class that utilizes these services as a class are encouraged to set up an account on their own to take full advantage of PSU resources.

To set up an ODIN Account:

  • Have your PSU ID number handy. This was sent to you on a card (that looks like a credit card) you should have received in the mail; look for a 9-digit number that begins with a 9. (NOTE: while you don’t need to keep the card, the number is important). If you don’t have this number, we can look it up for you; call the Challenge Office at 503.725.3430. If the registration card does not show up, students can check on the status of your ID card by searching PSU Higher One Services Status Form.

    Alternatively, students may proceed to the Admissions Records and Registration windows in Neuberger Hall with a photo ID to retrieve their PSU ID number. Students may also have a PSU Student ID reissued at the ID Card Services window in Neuberger Hall.

  • Call the PSU Office of Information Technology (OIT) HELP Desk at 503.725.HELP (4357), give them your PSU ID number, and let them know you want to set up your ODIN account. They’ll give you a temporary password to be able to log into the system.

  • Go to Follow the on screen step-by-step instructions. You will be assigned an ODIN username and will set your own password. Your account may take up to 24 hours to synchronize to all systems.

  • Be sure to WRITE DOWN YOUR username and password and keep them somewhere you can access. The PSU information system is 
  • If you want unofficial or official transcripts, log into banweb with your ODIN user name and password and select “Student Services.” See Credit and Transcripts for more information.


NOTE: If you do not frequently access the PSU Information System or have forgotten your password, you will need to call the PSU OIT Help Desk and ask them to reset it. Have your PSU ID number ready to give them.