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PSU Challenge Program & NACEP

Because concurrent enrollment partnerships (high school/college collaborations that allow qualified high school students to earn college credit by taking college courses taught in their high schools) are administered locally, they vary in academic rigor and quality.

The National Alliance for Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) was conceived by Syracuse University’s preeminent concurrent enrollment program, Project Advance (after which Challenge is modeled) to address this unevenness. NACEP offers accreditation to programs meeting a set of quality standards. This serves to validate program quality and consistency and create national visibility.

There are currently 17 accredited programs in 8 states that include public and private institutions, community colleges and 4-year universities. Several more, including Challenge, are seeking accreditation. As NACEP becomes a recognized standard of quality, credit from accredited concurrent enrollment programs will become more transferable, in similar fashion to AP programs.