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Department Information

Our departments are critical partners in the delivery and administration of the Challenge Program, providing the following:  

  • Academic oversight:

    Faculty partners are responsible for ensuring Challenge Instructors have the training and ongoing support necessary to teach their courses. Several points of contact throughout the year, and final course evaluations help ensure all learning outcomes are met.
  • Collegial partnerships:

    Faculty partners not only provide academic oversight but are also mentors and colleagues. They visit the classroom over the course of the year, typically once per PSU quarter/high school semester. The instructor and faculty partner discuss how best to utilize the visit; faculty partners have taught or co-taught a class, have worked with a group of students, have been asked to address a particular topic for a guest lecture, etc. Sometimes, in lieu of a class visit, the instructor and faculty partner will meet to go over curricular issues and activities, discuss a new text or otherwise work together on a specific topic. 
  • Professional development opportunities:

    Instructors come to campus twice a year for professional development workshops in their content area. These workshops may introduce the latest research from a faculty member, include a guest speaker, or simply provide a forum to share classroom experiences both with faculty and with other high school instructors. Schools may invoice the Challenge Program to be reimbursed for substitute instructor costs.

    In addition, PSU Challenge Instructors may apply for reduced tuition for graduate coursework related to their content area, determined on a case-by-case basis.

    For more details see the Procedures Manual