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Tualatin Business Recycling Outreach

Partner: City of Tualatin

Start Date: December 2011

Duration: June 2012

The business recycling requirement (BRR) program was initiated by Metro to  target the 100,000 tons of recyclable paper, cardboard, and containers that are sent to landfills annually within the region. BRR states that businesses are required to provide recycling containers for employees, post signs and instructions on how to recycle, and to recycle paper and containers. In FY 2009-2010, Metro provided funds to Community Environmental Services (CES) to develop and implement the program in the city of Fairview and five cities in Washington County, including the city of Tualatin. CES provided assistance to business through drop-in visits, scheduled visits and through telephone consultation. Assistance included on-site recycling evaluations, technical assistance for setting up internal recycling systems, distribution of recycling resources, and written notification and outreach about BRR. In FY 2011-2012 the city of Tualatin elected to have CES continue implementation within their jurisdiction as they had also done in FY 2010-2011.

Outreach Strategy

The primary tasks of the outreach strategy were: 1) notify businesses in the city of Tualatin about the Business Recycling Requirements; and 2) provide free assistance to businesses and help them comply with the requirements. CES used ArcGIS to geocode businesses into clusters to efficiently and effectively implement outreach, education and evaluation efforts.

CES evaluated businesses on their compliance with BRR in three key areas identified by Metro:

  1. Proper recycling of all cardboard, paper, aluminum and tin cans, plastic bottles and tubs, and glass bottles and jars;
  2. Availability of recycling receptacles throughout the workplace as well as external, receptacles for hauler collection; and
  3. Presence of accurate signage at collection areas that indicate which materials should be recycled.

During site visits and evaluations businesses were offered free recycling resources to help businesses meet BRR and make recycling more convenient and understandable for their employees. These included desk side recycling boxes, central recycling containers, recycling posters and recycling stickers. Businesses that were certified as currently meeting BRR were provided a window cling to recognize their participation in the program.



  • Notified 1439 licensed businesses visited and evaluated 178 businesses and assisted 177 by CES.
  • Of the businesses receiving assistance, 127 businesses (72%) were certified as meeting BRR at the time of the visit and 50 (28%) were provided assistance and resources sufficient to come into compliance if recycling recommendations are followed.
  • Using GIS, CES was were more efficient and effective and were also able to exceed the original goal of visiting 150 businesses by exactly 28 businesses.


To learn more about the Tualatin Business Recycling, Contact CES.