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Solid Waste Assessment Services

Partners:  Businesses, institutions, and government agencies

Start Date: 2004

Duration: Current

CES conducts Solid Waste Assessments of landfill-bound, recycling and compost waste streams for businesses, institutions, and government agencies. A waste assessment provides a detailed analysis of  the composition of a facility or organization’s waste stream.  Assessments provide data needed to evaluate disposal practices, and help to develop recommendations that increase waste prevention and diversion, meet LEED EB certification requirements and possibly reduce disposal costs.  

One-Day Assessments

One-day waste assessments offered by CES provide a ‘snap shot’ of  disposal practices.  These ‘snap shots’  help organizations understand current disposal practices and establish baselines for measuring future impacts after waste diversion efforts are implemented.   These assessments can also indicate performance of diversion efforts.

For a typical “Snap shot” waste assessment, CES staff will:

  1. Draw a representative sample from the dumpster, compactor or other receptacle;
  2. Separate the sample into material categories, specific to your business;
  3. Record weights (and volumes) of each category of waste; and
  4. Produce report with assessment findings.
Extensive Assessments

CES also offers extensive assessments which are conducted over time, and incorporate waste data into the analysis. This information is combined with normalizing factors, such as number of employees or building square footage, to create a more comprehensive view of the waste stream.  Extensive assessments are recommended for larger businesses and organizations with complex waste streams.

Organizations and facilities can use waste assessment reports to:

  • Obtain LEED EB credit for Solid Waste Management - Waste Stream Audit;
  • Create sustainability plans; and 
  • Set accurate baselines for waste reduction goals.
CES recently completed several waste assessments for the City of Portland, which analyzed public and institutional waste. CES has also completed a number of LEED EB (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Existing Buildings) sorts for private businesses and government agencies.


To learn more about Solid Waste Assessment Services Contact CES.