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PSU Waste Minimization Program Development

Partner: Portland State University's Campus Sustainability Office (CSO)

Start Date: September 2012

Duration: Current

Phase I:
CES will be providing the management and developmental support for the creation of a one-of-a-kind waste minimization program for PSU.  This project will begin with an extensive campus-wide baseline assessment of all materials being generated as recycling, waste, and compost by PSU.  This will include an audit of over 45 different collection locations across PSU.  CES will be providing Campus Sustainability Office (CSO) with their innovative waste management database platform in this effort.  This platform will allow CSO and PSU to report out diversion rates, individual material generation rates, rebates and revenues created, cost for disposal, and various other normalized information on a weekly to monthly basis for both the PSU campus at large and also the individual building types within the campus.

The information will be used to update and track on progress made toward achieving PSU’s robust climate action plan goals  which is the driving force behind creating the PSU waste minimization program.  The information will also be used to develop concrete targets, and goals for moving the waste minimization program forward.

In addition, CES will also be providing the following support for CSO:

  • Setting up training on the CES waste management database platform for key CSO staff and students;
  • Advising CSO’s data collection strategies/setting up crucial information feedback loops across the PSU campus;
  • Executing the first ever campus-wide waste audit to better understand the makeup of PSU landfill-bound material;
  • CES director, Eric T. Crum, will serve in an advisory capacity on the PSU Materials Management Subcommittee of the Climate Action Plan – Implementation Team (CAP-IT).
  • Setting up tours at two (2) of CES’s other flagship waste minimization partnerships, Portland Community College , and the Port of Portland Technical Assistance.    

For more information, Contact CES.