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OMSI Sustainability Project

Partner: Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

Start Date: September 2009

Duration: Current


As external evaluator, CES oversees research and assesses the impacts on the professional and public audiences targeted by Sustainability: Promoting Sustainable Decision Making in Informal Education, a project funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

The individual goals include yearly assessments of the proposed impacts on the targeted audiences through front-end, formative, remedial, and summative evaluation methods.This year, CES is supporting OMSI’s efforts to promote sustainability concepts in public venues and though cell phone tags; an innovative system where callers use their phones to hear local sustanability stories.

For the front-end research, CES staff conducted in-person interviews with Hispanic families and individuals involved in Hispanic-serving community organizations.For the formative evaluation, CES supported OMSI’s rapid prototype testing of exhibit displays.Currently CES staff is supporting OMSI’s remedial evaluation, which recently included anaysis of the cell phone campaign and evaluation of the new exhibit, Clever Together: Our everyday choices.

CES is also supporting OMSI's efforts to use media and storytelling to examine the impacts of our choices. Listen to online stories of Local Voices, Clever Choices, in English or Español and give feedback in a quick survey.

To learn more about the OMSI Sustainability Project Contact CES.