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Metro Multifamily Outreach

Partner: Metro Regional Government

Start Date: 2007

Duration: Current

The Metro Multifamily Outreach (MMO) project conducts recycling research and outreach campaigns targeted to multifamily residents, property managers, and industry professionals,  with emphasis on under-served, low-income, or multicultural communities. Using surveys, in-depth interviews, data collection, and field observations MMO project staff design, conduct and analyze research and pilot projects to implement improvements to multifamily recycling systems in the Portland Metro Region.

Current Objectives

1. Promotion of free recycling technical assistance services offered by Metro and local governments agencies;
2. Targeted outreach at property management industry events;
3. Provision of customized educational outreach to multi-family residences and property anagers to promote recycling; and
4. Collaboration with partners to design and evaluate outreach campaigns.

Additionally, CES has implemented investigations into the environmental attitudes and behaviors of under-served populations, including multicultural communities, to develop informed and inclusive strategies for targeted outreach. (Multifamily Multicultural Study Project Report, 2009)

  • CES collaborated with partners to identify over 6000 multifamily residential communities in the region (defined as having 5 or more units).  Of those, CES has visited 4000 since 2008;
  • The 2007 Barriers and Benefits study (full title and funder) revealed that 89% of survey respondents from the region’s multifamily residences recycle all or most of the time; and
  • CES’s 2009 investigation into Latino environmental attitudes revealed 89% of respondents think recycling is important and about two-thirds know its environmental benefits.

Recycle at Home website 

To learn more about Metro Multifamily Outreach Contact the Project Manager at CES.