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Metro Business Outreach

Partner: Metro Regional Government

Start Date: March 2011

Duration: September 2011

The Metro Business Outreach (MBO) program provided recycling assistance and outreach to businesses in five local government jurisdictions in the Portland Metro Region. The jurisdictions included City of Portland, City of Beaverton, Washington County, City of Gresham and Clackamas County. During the spring and summer of 2011, recycling specialists from the local government jurisdictions worked with MBO project staff to develop custom outreach strategies for each area. Once strategies and targeted business locations were identified, MBO staff conducted drop-in visits.

During each visit businesses were offered free recycling resources, such as deskside collection boxes, posters, and stickers. MBO staff also provided free technical assistance to businesses, answered common recycling questions, and submitted hauler change of service forms when needed.

Recent Accomplishments

During the spring and summer of 2011 MBO staff:

  • Provided direct recycling assistance and outreach to 2,450 businesses outreach in five regional jurisdictions; and
  • Delivered over 1700 desk side recycling boxes, 1600 recycling posters, and 700 central collection recycling containers.

Metro Recycle at Work website

To learn more about Metro Business Outreach Contact CES.