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Meet CES Alumni

Hundreds of PSU students have worked for Community Environmental Services (CES) over the past 20 years.  CES alumni use the valuable experiences they've gained to serve locally and beyond. Here are a few recent alumni who are currently working in the Portland Metro Region.


“During my time at CES, I gained an understanding of how to evaluate resource use at an institutional level and develop actionable strategies to minimize resource consumption. This experience proved invaluable in my current work implementing energy conservation and efficiency programs.”

Michael Budds
Project Lead



"CES took me past my program’s theory and gave me real live experience in research, data analysis and outreach that not only benefited our clients but my skill set.”


Will Elder
Business Waste Reduction Planner
Sustainability Center


"CES helped me broaden my understanding of resource conservation, encourage team building and communication, build my skill set on reporting and tracking progress, and most importantly drove my passion for a more sustainable Portland region."

Katie Lynd
Food Policy Coordinator
Multnomah County - Office of Sustainability




"CES provided me with practical hands-on experience managing technical assistant projects in waste minimization and resource conservation. My time at CES was just as valuable as my time in graduate school and I can honestly say it jump started my career."

Rob Nathan
Director of Outreach and Technology
Northwest Earth Institute




“After arriving as an immigrant from Mexico, I knew very little about the local Hispanic/Latino community and the challenges and opportunities it faces.  CES provided me with multiple opportunities to conduct research with the local Hispanic/Latino community and gave me an outlet to lever my skills as a bilingual researcher. Working for CES allowed me both to gain a deep understanding of the Hispanic/Latino community in the region, the community’s educational and environmental challenges and initiated me into what is now my research and evaluation specialty”

Nelda Reyes
Evaluation and Visitor Studies Division Supervisor
Bilingual: English & Spanish
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry


“CES provided both the technical skills and community connections that have led to much of my success. I learned how to turn research into action, and was surrounded by dedicated and smart people. I continue to carry those lessons and people with me as I continue to develop my career.”

Meredith Sorensen
Marketing Manager
Harvest Power



Brittany Brannon 

Britt has been with CES since January 2012, and has served on a variety of projects within CES. Her current roles include Project Lead for the Solid Waste Assessment Team (SWAT) and for the Lloyd Ecodistrict Material Infrastructure Analysis.  Previously, Britt served as Project Lead for the EC3 project, conducting interviews with regional energy leaders to discover their opinions on the creation of energy curriculum and specific programs at PSU and the greater Pacific Northwest. Britt holds a Masters of Urban Studies with research in fostering resilient cities to natural hazards, the economic implications of such hazards, and the role of technology, language, and social media in one’s perception of place. After receiving a Bachelors in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Northern Iowa, Britt moved to Portland to gain hands-on experience in one of the country’s most sustainable cities. When not working, reading, or writing, Britt enjoys exploring Portland, and can often be found running in Forest Park or researching Portland’s best espresso.