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Eat Up

Partner: Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS)

Start Date: March 2011

Duration: July 2011

Eat Up, an Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS) solution generator project awarded to Renee Bogin Curtis, explored community food systems within the University EcoDistrict, and analyzed the accessibility and sustainability of healthy food options.  The project provides a model for other neighborhoods or districts who are conducting food-based equity and sustainability evaluations.

The Eat Up project had three primary goals:

  1. Present data gathered through survey research and partner questionnaires in a report for project partners.
  2. Develop and pilot a survey with student and residential populations in the district to gain preliminary insight into food purchasing trends and to provide a template for future research.
  3. Create outreach fliers and posters created for district and partner organizations to target local student and senior residential populations, with emphasis on participants in SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formally known as food stamps).

During the spring and summer of 2011, staff presented project findings at ISS’s 4th Annual Sustainability Celebration, and to the SNAP Outreach Steering Committee.  A full report of all data collected and analyzed was distributed to project partners.  Piloted surveys and outreach tools will provide templates for future research in or outside the district.

SNAP Senior Outreach Poster



To learn more about Eat Up Contact CES.