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Durham Recycling Volume Assessment

Partner: City of Durham, Metro

Start Date: June 2012

Duration: August 2012

The City of Durham Volume Assessment project was developed to assist the City of Durham with deciding the feasibility of changing their recycling pick-up schedule. At the time when the project was being developed, commingled recycling was being picked-up weekly and glass recycling monthly. The City wished to change the schedule so that commingled recycling would be picked up bi-weekly and also wanted to see if the monthly glass pick up was adequate for the residents. To conduct the requested research for the City, Community Environmental Services (CES) designed multiple tools and documents to accurately collect the data and be able to present it in an informative, easy to understand format. Data collection occurred each Tuesday morning during the month of July. The City of Durham has one residential route that serves 307 households.  The route was broken into two routes for the purposes of the study. Teams covered one route each, measuring the capacity utilized in every set-out recycling container. After collecting all of the data, CES entered it into a database and performed statistical analysis to help determine the likelihood that residential recycling customers will have adequate capacity in their recycling containers to change to every-other-week collection of recyclables and maintain monthly collection of glass.

Click to view the full report Metro Recycling Capacity Report for the City of Durham.

To learn more about the Durham Recycling Volume Assessment, Contact CES.