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Catalog Choice

Partner: Metro Regional Government

Start Date: January 2012

Duration: Through January 2014

The Metro Catalog Choice Program is a free online resource where Metro residents can opt-out of unwanted junk mail including catalogs, credit card offers, and phone books. The website allows users to create an online account and choose how to receive-or not receive-paper mail. This program allows Metro residents to stop waste at the source by opting-out of catalogs, credit card offers, and phonebooks.  By opting-out, Metro residents help prevent these companies from using natural resources. According to the 2011 USPS Household Diary Survey, Americans receive an average of 13.7 pieces of direct mail advertising per week. With this program, Metro residents can significantly reduce the amount of unwanted junk mail.  

As manager of the project, CES provides support for both tracking progress and providing outreach support for the project.  CES reports on resident participation through increases in the number of accounts and opt-outs throughout the region. As of the May 2012 launch of the project website, over 17,000 Metro residents had made more than 225,000 opt-out requests. Through community based social marketing strategies, CES coordinates and manages outreach efforts throughout Metro. With this outreach, projected goals for increased participation include doubling the number of accounts created to about 35,000 and opt-out requests made to 550,000.   

Resources: To learn more about how you can help reduce unwanted junk mail visit or Contact CES.