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BE505 Standardization & Control

Certificate Track: Lean Healthcare

Standardized Work is one of the most powerful but least understood Lean tools. By developing and documenting the best practice to perform work, Standardized Work creates the foundation for training, Lean Daily Management, and continuous improvement. Standardized Work consists of five basic elements:

  1. Work rate based on customer demand;
  2. The precise work sequence for workers to perform work tasks;
  3. Point of Use Design of the workplace:
  4. Standardized Work In Process required to keep the process operating smoothly;
  5. The relationship between worker, equipment, tools, and software.

Learn how to develop, document, and sustain Standardized Work. This course is relevant for everybody, including Providers, MA’s, Lab Technicians, Pharmacy, Phone Operators, and RN’s.

What You Cover

  • Hands-on simulation to show how to develop Standardized Work
  • What is Standardized Work – and What it isn’t
  • The need for Standardized Work
  • Step by step method to develop Standardized Work
  • Tools for Standardized Work (Development & Documentation Tools)
    • Observation Sheets
    • Standardized Work Combination Tables
    • Standardized Work Sheets
    • Capacity Work Sheets
    • Operator Balancing
    • Worker Instruction Sheets
  • Getting Adherence to Standards and creation of a Control Plan
    • The 5S System
    • Visual Displays & Controls
    • Point of Use Design
    • Controlling Standards & Creating a Control Plan

Cost: $399
Discounts may apply, please refer to the registration page for details.

Instructor: Tom Fabrizio

Tom Fabrizio, president and founder of Lean Manufacturing Tools, LLC and a founding member of the Northwest Center for Performance Excellence (NWCPE), has been teaching leadership, team development, and Just-In-Time systems for over 25 years. He received his original Lean training from first-generation experts, including Dr. Shigeo Shingo (co-architect of The Toyota Production System), Hiroyuki Hirano (author and noted JIT expert), Dr. Ryuji Fukuda (member of The Sigma Project in Japan and winner of the Deming Prize), and TPM experts from Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. Mr. Fabrizio holds an undergraduate engineering degree, a MEd, and a law degree. He has authored several books and training programs about Lean.

Interested in bringing this program onsite to your organization? Please contact Kristen Pedersen.

Applies towards the following certificate(s):
Lean Healthcare