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Strategic Organizational Management

Rooted in the Organizational Development and Human Resource Management disciplines, Strategic Organizational Management (SOM) is the process of increasing organizational effectiveness through employee development.

Our certificate program provides a plan to strengthen your organization’s capacity for success. Coaching and training, internal capacity building, work process improvement and leadership development are used to develop this capacity. SOM helps you plan strategically, provide the best structure possible, and assure a sustainable future for your organization.sign up strategic organizational management newsletter

The SOM certificate program offers a practical approach to meet your needs. All of our courses are taught by expert instructors who are experienced and ready to help move your organization forward. Courses are interactive and real-world case studies are used to illustrate how to use SOM tools.  

Strategic Organizational Management Required Courses

  • Organizational Performance and Improvement Strategies
    This course helps managers identify gaps that keep organizations from achieving results. It provides practical tools, models and approaches to assess organizational results and analyze performance. It provides a variety of strategies to improve performance of individuals, teams and entire organizations. You will explore approaches that will be useful in a variety of situations, taking performance from good to great.  
  • Change Management
    Change is no longer a choice. Successful organizations recognize that change is the way of doing business rather than a periodic event. This highly interactive course will explore organizational change through case studies, direct application and dynamic group conversation. You will examine the challenges of organizational change and learn tools that help you more effectively respond to and implement change inside your organizations 
  • Strategic Teamwork
    Conflict Management also exists in teams and groups. Successful organizations recognize how to manage this change. In this course you will learn how group development is applied to the team and organizational culture. Case studies and in-class exercises will be used to learn skills related to facilitation, leadership and conflict resolution.
  • Strategic Program Evaluation
    This course will introduce a systematic method for collecting, analyzing and using information to help answer questions about program effectiveness and efficiency. Strategic Program Evaluation will provide a framework to assess an initiative's value to the organization.

Interested in bringing this program Onsite to your organization? Contact Melissa Endicott for details.

Courses can be taken individually or can be applied to a certificate within a three-year limit. Our courses and certificates are continually updated to bring you the most current and progressive information, tools and perspectives. Courses completed outside of the three-year limit will need to be retaken to qualify for certificate completion.