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Organizational Development

Leading Through Change - 2013 PSU Organizational Development Summer Intensive

Organizational Development (OD) is the process of increasing organizational effectiveness through employee development. These changes are implemented by planned interventions including coaching and training, succession planning and performance management. OD is a body of knowledge that views each organization as a complex system that requires effective strategic planning, organizational design, and implementation to produce optimal results. These activities are generally developed at the executive level of an organization and executed by trained and knowledgeable HR and/or OD managers. 

We are excited to announce the Portland State 2013 Organizational Development Summer Intensive. Our certificate program teaches you the skills to effectively implement interventions and manage change in your organization. Our instructors provide expertise and practical insight to help you better navigate the workplace. The summer intensive format is a condensed version of our OD Certificate Program - same content in a shorter period of time. Register for the following five courses to complete your OD certificate this summer: 

Course ID and Title Date
BO101-002 Individuals and Change in Organizations           June 10-17 (Mon & Wed eves, Saturday)
BO102-002 Group Development and Process June 22-27 (Thur, Mon, Wed eves, Saturday)
BO210-002 Change Management: Plan & Implement July 15-22 (Mon & Wed eves, Saturday) 
BO202-001 Performance Analysis & Improvement Strategies  August 1-7 (Thur, Mon, Wed eves, Saturday)
BO105-001 Designing Organizations for Results August 12-19 (Mon & Wed eves, Saturday)







Courses are scheduled at night and on the weekends to accommodate busy schedules. Questions? Email Carmen or call 503.477.9413 to set up an advising appointment.