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Onsite and Customized Educational Solutions

Get started by contacting Michelle Giovannozzi to discuss your needs and what we can offer.

With today's shifting technological landscape and competitive market, organizations must be proactive to keep their teams at ultimate proficiency. With employees shifting to remote work environments and projects being executed with global teams, it has become even more challenging to keep efficiencies and goals in sync.

The Center for Executive and Professional Education offers customized programs for professional education, tailored to your organization’s unique strategic goals. Trainings are designed to provide maximum ROI and long-term solutions for your company’s biggest pain points.

Internal training can benefit more than the bottom line. Change management Sign up to receive our e-newsletterspecialists proclaim it is cheaper to train existing employees than it is to recruit, hire, and integrate new employees into an organization. Your company will see increased engagement, improved communication and optimized performance. Managers, executives, organizational leaders, and employees, will benefit from our competency-based trainings, structured to reinforce and develop new internal capabilities.

View Training TopicsThe Corporate Leadership Council found that highly engaged employees were 87% less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts. Another study also found that organizations with highly engaged employees achieve twice the annual net income of organizations whose employees lack engagement. Keep your top-level staff engaged through our effective curriculum. Your team will be challenged to keep up with industry trends while fine-tuning their business acumen for the benefit of your brand, structured to reinforce and develop new internal capabilities.

Courses are offered in one of our three executive classrooms designed for adult education, or provided on site at your company’s location. For those needing global team development, CEPE also offers a virtual classroom experience with streaming or recorded sessions.

Whether you’re a corporation, government agency, nonprofit or small business, CEPE’s highly trained and qualified staff will create a program to best suit your organizational needs.

Among the many benefits:

  • Provides a greater return on your investment by increasing expertise and productivity around the office, as well as by building knowledge internally
  • Tailored by CEPE's industry experts to address your organization's challenges and pain points
  • Provides the ability to increase engagement and morale, and reduce absenteeism and other disengaged-employee costs
  • Maximizes your learning experience and strengthens team building skills
  • Allows a more in-depth and hands-on experience
  • Less down time and more savings than sending a group of employees through the public programs
  • Flexible format, location, and scheduling
  • Competitive advantage for your organization with increased expertise
  • A powerful, meaningful, and highly targeted learning experience
  • Create common best practices, processes, knowledge base, and language among employees
  • Link key business drivers with professional growth

Organizational Solutions - Customized for your Organization
CEPE offers 15 public certificate programs. Choose from one of these or let us customize a course to best fit your organization.

Get started by contacting Michelle Giovannozzi to discuss your needs and what we can offer.