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Course Schedule

Fall 2014 Human Resource Management Courses

BH103: Compensation December 2 - December 18
BH102: Basic Principles of EEO December 6 - December 20

Winter 2015 Human Resource Management Courses

BH101: Management of Human Resources January 6 - January 15
BH210: Influence and Leadership: Skills for HR Professionals January 20 - Janurary 29
BH435: Conflict Resolution for HR Professionals
February 3 - February 12
BH311: Benefits Management February 17 - March 5
BH302: Employee and Labor Relations March 7 - March 21

Spring/Summer 2015 Human Resouce Management Courses

BH102: Basic Principles of EEO April 17 & April 24
BH101: Management of Human Resources May 1 & May 8
BH103: Compensation June 3 & June 10
BH302: Employee and Labor Relations June 24 & July 1
BH314: Talent Acquisition, Selection, and Retention July 15 & July 22
BH311: Benefits Management August 5 & August 12

No prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to complete before taking classes in the PSU HR Management program. 

It is suggested that students take Management of Human Resources (BH101) prior to all other courses in the program. Employee and Labor Relations (BH302) should be completed before Basic Principles of EEO (BH102).

Certificates must be completed within three years

We require program completion within three years for good reason. Our courses and certificates are continuously updated to ensure that you learn the most up-to-date and relevant information. Courses completed outside of the three-year limit will need to be retaken for certificate completion.